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Oct-O-Score Grand Arcade Ticket Redemption Game

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Oct-O-Score Ticket Redemption Wheel Game. This is a NEW creation from the master redemption game makers at FiveStar! This Octopus-themed "follow-up" piece to their hit game "Monster Hunt" is again a very striking and very attractive ticket redemption wheel game with huge appeal to players of all ages, from kids to adults!

Players try to skillfully spin the very brightly colored and very brightly lit wheel in order accumulate points, and can play from 1 to 8 games at a time by pushing from 1 to 8 of the (8) buttons on the control panel, and get a chance to win the progressive ticket jackpot bonus!

To play Oct-O-Score, players first press the flashing Start Button, then pull the flashing "Skill Spin" Lever to begin the wheel spin. Then while the wheel goes around and around, players then pull the flashing "Skill Stop" Lever to slow the spinning wheel, then pulls the Skill Stop Lever once again to try to stop the wheel on one of the "big points" sections!

Highly addictive and highly recommended redemption game anywhere it is placed, and one that makes top earnings!

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Oct-O-Score Grand Ticket Redemption Wheel Game
Dimensions: Height: 82"; Width: 41"; Depth: 36"; Weight: XXX Lbs
(Height is 95" With Game Marquee Shown In Picture)

These Octoscore manuals to be used when Manufactured After September of 2013
Super Mega Octoscore Manual 1-21-2016.pdf
Mini Mega Octoscore Manual 1-21-2016.pdf

These Octoscore manuals to be used when Manufactured before September of 2013
Multi-Arrow Progressive Manual Mega Version.pdf
Multi-Arrow Progressive Manual Mini Version.pdf

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