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Haunted House Arcade Ticket Redemption Game

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The Haunted House 1 Player Wheel Game - The new Haunted House "Haunted Adventure Collection" is the first of its kind in the redemption industry ! It features dozens of bolt-on casted pieces which were all hand sculpted as well - including bats with LED eyes, a ticket door goblin, and other small details. No other redemption game on the market has the looks, detail or artistic merit as this game.

Haunted Mansion is a spinner base skill game consisting of five different levels. The player inserts their tokens and pushes the start button. Once activated the spinner will gradually pick up speed. There are two buttons - a "Fast Stop" and "Slow Stop" button. If the player does not press one of these buttons quickly, buttons will deactivate and the spinner slows down and stops at either a point value (amount of tickets won), a "Spider Zone" (ending the game) or a "Secret Passage", which advances them to the next level. Players begin in the "Dungeon" and by landing in the "Go-Up" or Secret Passages" zones, players move about the house, the manor or the hotel. There are also booby traps in the higher levels which take players back to a previous level.

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The Haunted House 1 Player Wheel Game Dimensions:
Height: 100", Width: 48", Depth: 36", Weight: 800 Lbs
Shown Above With Optional "5th Floor" Topper
and Themed Neon & Flash Attraction Package

Click here to download the Haunted Mansion Single Player Operations Manual Rev. 10.

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