The Haunted Manor

Haunted Adventure Series
2 Players

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The Haunted Hotel

Haunted Adventure Series
3 Players

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The Haunted Adventure collection is the first of its kind in the redemption industry. It has a look and feel unlike any other game offered by us or our competitors. The game itself was hand sculpted by a team of designers and molded in fiberglass. It features dozens of bolt-on casted pieces which were all hand sculpted as well - including bats with LED eyes, a ticketdoor goblin, and other small details. No other game looks like one of the Haunted Adventure collection or has as much detail or artistic merits. People already have bought units simply because it's a nice looking game which acts almost as an attraction in and of itself.

It is a spinner base skill game consisting of five different levels. The player begins in the Dungeon and by landing in the either the "GO-UP ZONES"
or SECRET PASSAGES the player can move about the house, the manor, or the hotel. There are also booby traps in the higher levels which will take a player back to a previous level.

The "skill based" comes into play when looking at the outside console. The player inserts his or her tokens and pushes the start button. Once activated the spinner will gradually pick up speed. There at two buttons - a FAST STOP BUTTON - and a SLOW STOP BUTTON. If the player does not press a button soon enough - the buttons will deactivate and the spinner will slow down completely - stopping at either a point value (representing the amount of tickets they win) a spider zone (ending their game) or a Secret Passage - advancing them up to another level. The idea is to push the SLOW STOP BUTTON and time the spinner and try to get it to land where you desire by pushing the FAST STOP BUTTON - however - once the SLOW STOP BUTTON is engaged they have a certain window of RPM's in which to activate the FAST STOP BUTTON. Once the spinner starts going too slow - the player will not be able to activate the FAST STOP BUTTON and the spinner will stop where it stops.

Functionally - it is a plug-n-play set-up in the back. All the spinner brackets are identical and use a system of dip switch settings to assign them a certain level. Servicing the machine is easy and unlike anything offered by us or our competition. It also offers programing options which are detailed in the manual. There is a small controller on the inside of the game which a customer (someone who owns the game - not the player) can pull out and do several different things with. They can run either simple diagnostic modes through the controller - to help pin-point a game which is experiencing problems - they can access statistical information about ticket payouts, how many games have been played - how many times specific spinners have spun and what the average number of points a spinner is giving - amongst other things, or manually set the values.


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